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Program Options


Attendance Choices

We are open all year. We accept infants and also have a private kindergarten. Montessori curriculum is individualized and will be tailored to meet your child's needs; because of this we are able to enroll children throughout the school year as long as we have space and staff. Our schedule options and hours include:

Infant Options:

  • Infant Room (6 weeks - 23 months) Full Day (6:30AM - 6PM), 5 Days.
  • We do occasionally have part-time infant openings.

Enrollment options for children ages two through private Kindergarten:

  • Half Day (9AM - 1PM) - 3 Days, 4 Days or 5 Days.
  • Extended Day (9AM - 3:30PM) - 3 Days, 4 Days or 5 Days.
  • Full Day (6:30AM - 6PM) - 3 Days, 4 Days or 5 Days (includes private piano lessons with 5 day enrollment)

Please see the enrollment section for tuition rates.